Since running a fishing charter business previously on the Gippsland lakes, I found I could not always cater for the whole family if there happened to be a frail or disabled member of a group. I said I will do something about this one day.

I have therefore designed a very steady boat The Corio Princess with a flat deck and a handicapped capable toilet enabling wheel chairs to be used on board. This has been built to very stringent and strict marine safety requirements per Marine Safety Victoria’s requirements.

The number one goal is to take people of all abilities and family groups fishing with Geelong Fishing Charter on Corio Bay including food.

A unique open-air restaurant on the water, day and night, and the beautiful view of the lights of Geelong at night. Disabled people will be able to enjoy an outing on Corio Bay that has never been available before.

As well as the above, I would like to say that I aim to take out students that are studying Biology and marine sciences, we will be catering for some 30 secondary Colleges.

Geelong Fishing Charters will also be offering a service to those who wish to have their ashes spread on Corio Bay. This is a unique service that is needed in Geelong.

Charles Neal