Private Charters

Why choose a private charter? Well, it’s a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or reunion, to hold a more unique work break-up, bucks’/hens’ night, have a family day out together, or just because….

It’s also about choice. Your choice. You get to choose:

*the place of departure (end of Yarra Street, Geelong OR St. Helen’s Ramp, North Geelong)
*the time of departure (do you want to leave later and sleep in or follow the tides and leave earlier?)
*who is on the boat with you (only take your best-best mates…or favourite family members…or even have the ENTIRE boat to yourself!)
*what fish we target (do you want to drift for whiting or chase snapper?)
*where we go (fish not biting? you can choose to move somewhere else…or do you have a favourite spot?)
*chase dolphins! (got kids on board? On calm days, we can sometimes find pods of dolphins!)
*what food we serve (don’t like BBQ sausages? Allergic to pizza? We work with you for the food)
*what drinks we stock in the bar (why leave it up to chance?)
even the channel of the radio (rock, golden oldies, country & western?)

Currently, a 3-hr charter for up to 12 people costs $1000 and a 4-hr charter for up to 20 people costs $1400.